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Since 1942 The Home Builders Association of Greater Tulsa has been dedicated to protecting the housing industry while promoting ethical business practices and standards.


They currently have approximately 1,000 members. About one-third of HBA members are home builders, and/or remodelers. The remaining members are associates working in closely related fields within the housing industry, such as mortgage finance and building products and services.

After 60 years of philanthropic activity in the community, the Tulsa HBA decided to launch the HBA Charitable Foundation. The foundation now provides support and unlocks opportunities for charitable endeavors that advance housing & education initiatives. 



About Us

We are dedicated to making our community a better place. The HBA Charitable Foundation has a broad focus and serves as a conduit for the Home Builders Association to support philanthropic activities.  The mission is charitable endeavors on behalf of the residential construction industry by advancing education and housing related needs.  All funds support a variety of causes in Tulsa and surrounding areas.

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Home Builders Association of Greater Tulsa,


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